Update 02

December 26, 2020

Arrived at the K2 Basecamp yesterday evening and all settled in. All team members are feeling strong. 

During the trek, we shared some great laughs and stories with our local brothers. From arriving to Islamabad to Skardu and now Basecamp, we have felt just at home. 

The temperature has been down to -24 degree Celsius in the last few days throughout the trek. Despite the winter chills the trail seemed to be more pleasant compared to last summer, where we were covering 50km a day with a load carry of around 35kg. 

Today, we are sorting all our admin, essential equipment for high camps; fixing equipments etc. We are not too bothered about having a luxurious basecamp, as it’s not a priority right now. Me and my team are set to leave tomorrow morning. Our plan for the next few days is to go as high as we can, acclimatise and fix lines. Hopefully touch Camp 4 depending on the situation. 

It’s time… Let’s get this done !

– Nimsdai, 2020

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