Our Approach


Protecting our
mountains for
today & tomorrow.


Nims passionately believes the mountains are there for everyone to enjoy, but must always be respected and protected. On expedition, we are considerate and committed to preserving the natural wonder these majestic environments hold.

We are all too aware of the destructive nature many commercial expeditions have had on the mountains and the knock-on effects to the communities within them. This is not our way, Nimsdai expeditions strongly believes and follows ‘Clean as you go’ and ‘Leave no trace’ policies and insists all its climbers and guides comply with the environmental rules, regulations and guidelines.

All team members are well-trained and educated in the environmental issues regarding mountaineering and climbing, from the proper disposal of garbage to the recycling of oxygen cylinders, to name a few. In addition we actively operate with a Recycle, Re-use & Improvisation (RRI) approach to expedition equipment whenever appropriate.

The pristine meltwater of the mountains
Flowers and grasses on the lower slopes

Clean-up expeditions

In addition to the day-to-day environmental standards of how we operate, Nimsdai expeditions have committed to undertake a clean-up expedition to assist with wider established projects in their fight to conserve and manage the rich biodiversity of Nepal’s Himalayan mountain ranges and National Parks.

We must act as the voice, carers and keepers of these sacred places for all future generations to enjoy and thrive within.

Big Mountain

The ever-increasing accumulation of expedition waste is polluting the pristine environment of the Himalayas. This is unacceptable. The Big Mountain Clean-up aims to tackle the problem head-on.


Established as a means of giving back to the mountain communities of his homeland, the Nimsdai Foundation supports educational, technological, and capacity-building initiatives, helping guide the way for the climbers of the future.

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