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The 8000ers are undoubtedly among the most significant climbs in the world, and scaling any one peak is an achievement of a lifetime. Led by a guide that climbed them all in just 189 days Nimsdai expeditions can take you to the top of any one of these classics.

Climbing the 8000ers – the world’s 14 highest peaks, all located within the Himalaya and Karakoram mountain ranges – as a collective they represent the highest level of achievement possible in most climbers’ lifetimes.

We understand there are many opportunities out there to climb the most accessible of these peaks – but there is only one, to climb all (or any) of them, with an exped leader that holds the world speed record for climbing them all.


29 day schedules available

Unique to Nimsdai we offer fast-track schedules #NIMSSTYLE on some of the world’s highest peaks. We’ve redefined the possibilities of guided high-altitude mountaineering.
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Whichever 8,000m peaks you have in your sights, we will enthusiastically and expertly lead you. From the moment you commit, you’ll know exactly who your expedition leader will be – we have only one; ‘Nims’, supported by his own hand-picked support team.

Above all, we can help walk you through every detail of the planning and preparations and give you total confidence in your abilities to climb the world’s highest mountains – something that only a small number of people will ever get to experience.


The ‘Seven Summits’ are the highest mountains on each continent, once an impossible climbing proposition, bagging all or just one of these peaks is now within the grasp of any proficient and motivated mountaineer.

Each of these are highly rewarding climbs, with varying degrees of difficulty. Nimsdai expeditions can lead you to the top of any one or all of them as a collective goal. On some of the peaks (including Everest) we offer our unique Fast-Track schedules. 

Nimsdai expeditions offers the unique opportunity of having your ascents guided by one of the most elite mountaineers of our day, with an outstanding track record of achievement and safety. We’ll help prepare you for the climb of your life, and provide all the leadership, training and professional support to make your dream a reality.

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Nims (leader on all expeditions) is a multi-world record breaking mountaineer, the fastest to summit all 14 8000m peaks. He has led 20 x 8000m expeditions with a 100% success rate, in both reaching the summit and more importantly bringing everyone home safely. Combining this with his UK Special Forces and Ghurkha heritage, he is the perfect bridge between Western and Nepalese cultures, providing an invaluable local Himalayan infrastructure and a totally unique skillset fine-tuned for success in the mountains. This is reinforced with a world class team of Sherpas hand-picked by himself through a process similar to the rigorous demands of special forces selection, all operating together with shared principles and code of conduct.

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Safety through

If it’s controllable we control it, this is key to attain and maintain our industry leading strategy for success and safety. We maximise our options, agility and responsiveness by running totally self-sufficient expeditions, not relying on any other teams on the mountain to achieve our objectives. We are capable of setting up our own fixed lines (with a proven track record on all 8000m peaks) and have backups to cover all scenarios, from secondary oxygen supplies through to the ability and experience to operate our own rescue missions if the situation arises.

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& premium

From initial enquiry our approach whether on the mountain or during the planning phase is completely tailored to a client’s goals, abilities and safety. This ensures the journey to your goal is adapted to you and not for those that have been before. This also extends beyond the climb, we always operate our expeditions with premium facilities, equipment and infrastructures, but in addition, we can accommodate the demands of any global lifestyle from highly connected office facilities and added levels of comfort and luxury.

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