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We must act as the voice of the wider global climate crisis as carers and keepers of our sacred mountain environments and communities, ensuring that all future generations are able to enjoy and thrive within them.

Nimsdai has a zero-tolerance approach to the waste being generated by the increasingly popular expedition culture which is now having a detrimental impact upon those living in and around the mountains. On average, each climber generates in excess of 18 pounds of waste that includes abandoned tents, 02 canisters, food containers, discarded equipment and of course faecal matter. Pollutants from this waste are being washed into rivers by rainfall and snowmelt, contaminating water supplies for local populations posing serious health risks from disease. In addition to this we must also ensure safety for all on the mountain and put a stop to the horrendous fatalities that are occurring due to climbers accidentally clipping onto old, rotten and forgotten lines. This is all totally unacceptable.

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In addition to this much needed clean up, we must also drive a change in behaviour to ensure this is not a perpetual problem, but one that we can be respectfully managed.

We will be working with commercial partners to drive awareness, support and help fund our mission to build a programme providing full time, seasonal clean up teams on all widely climbed mountains around the globe that will be paired with associated regional recycling initiatives. Benefits are both vast and multi-level providing obvious socio-economic advantages for mountain communities alongside wider global climate challenges.

Alongside the wider objective, we will also be creating employment opportunities within local mountain communities. Each mountain within the programme will have a dedicated clean up team of ten individuals and permits, insurance, logistics, transportation, recycling and salaries is costly. None of this can be achieved without vital funding and support.

Example costs per clean up team member

  • K2 permit $1,200
  • Pollution fee & waste management $200
  • Porter & staff insurance $500
  • Laison officer equipment & wages $3,250
  • Full board basecamp charge $4,000
  • International flights $1,500
  • Climbing sherpa wages $10,000
  • Climber insurance $1,000
  • EPI gas $80
  • High mountain food $150
  • Fixing equipment $3,000
  • Oxygen cylinders $850
  • Oxygen mask & regulator $450
  • Cargo & transport $350
  • Recycling programme $3,470

Be a part of it

It is our intention to commence this initiative on K2 during summer 2021. We must tackle this problem together. This is our mission.

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If you are ready to be a socially responsible global change-maker, you can make a donation on our gofundme page.

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