High altitude mountain guiding from multi world record breaking mountaineer

Nirmal Purja MBE

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Nirmal Purja MBE
High altitude expedition leader

Everything in life is possible armed only with a determined approach and positive mindset.

Nims digs his crampons into the ice whilst climbing with ropes


Unique to Nimsdai expeditions we offer Fast-Track schedules #NIMSSTYLE on some of the world’s highest peaks (including an Everest 29day). We’ve redefined the possibilities of guided high-altitude mountaineering.

Nims and client roped together start a descent

Safety standards
higher than any summit

The decision to attempt any significant expedition is not one you take lightly. Nims leads each one with a constant priority: ‘The most important thing is safety - for every person on the mountain, not just your own.’

Nims leads a group expedition up to a high altitude summit


Nims’ core support team are World Record holders in their own right. Critically, his style to respectfully lead the leaders ensures that all team members are able to bring their skills and knowledge to our expeditions.


Achieve Your New Possible


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