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1:1 guiding

All Nimsdai guided expeditions are offered purely on an exclusive ‘one to one’ basis. Nims has chosen this very personal approach to ensure the highest feasible levels of safety, support and leadership on the mountain for his private clients. With one of the most ground-breaking mountaineers of a generation at your side, you’ll be in the very best company to reach beyond what you thought was possible.

There are many advantages to this approach; naturally the entire experience will be tailored around the aspirations of an individual client. The team will be more compact which dramatically improves agility and opportunity when responding to changing conditions or objectives. Progress will always be at your pace from the very first steps of training, all the way to the summit push. Ultimately, all this amounts to the most important element of all; delivering the highest possible levels of protection for both you and your success.

This does not mean, however, that you’ll just be a team of two, you will also be supported by his world leading support team and logistics infrastructure, many of whom are expedition leaders in their own right.

Nimsdai and client on the summit of G1 2023

Gaining the
advantage with 1:1

Committing to any significant expedition is a decision not to be taken lightly. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering this exclusive and personal approach to maximise the opportunity for success.

Bespoke experience

Everyone’s journey to a goal is unique, it’s another reason for our 1:1 approach. We focus each and every detail towards one single element; you, the client. This ensures an experience that is customized to suit only you, and not those that have been before, or anyone else on the mountain. Whether you are an accomplished mountaineer or a keen beginner, we can adapt to all. It begins with gathering an understanding of you, your aspirations, your abilities, what previous experience you do, or don't have, including timeframe. Together we can then build a bespoke programme to meet your requirements and help you to achieve your new possible.

At your pace

The flexible nature of our approach allows the pace of the expedition (and training programme if required) to constantly adjust in alignment with your ability, experience and commitments. This also enables us to develop your skills at the optimum pace that maintains and builds confidence along the way.

Over their many ascents, Nims and his team have gained a reputation for world beating pace on the mountain. After all, it’s this experience and learning that lies at the heart of our Fast-Track schedules. So, if speed is part of your objective, we have the infrastructure and know-how to deliver exactly that.


The very nature of the mountain environment requires respect and acceptance of their ever-changing conditions. This demands meticulous planning and continual assessment of any given situation. Nims’ 1:1 guiding approach allows for smaller teams on the mountain, enabling improved agility, speed and flexibility, thus maximising the expedition’s opportunities above those in standard multi-client parties.

Combine this with the skills Nims has acquired throughout his special forces career to evaluate situations, react to them and deliver, whilst ensuring the welfare of others. This provides a confidence that you’ve got the most effective partner to achieve your goal in the mountains.

Protected & connected

One to one doesn’t just apply to your time on the mountain roped together, moving between camps and summiting. From the moment you confirm an expedition, a partnership and team are formed. From the very beginning you’ll feel connected to others focusing every decision on your safety, security and success. Of course, the summit or chosen objective is forefront of minds, but ultimately Nim’s role within this partnership goes far beyond pushing you towards the goal, it’s clearly defined by you returning safely.

With his previous career in the UK Special Forces, this uniquely places Nimsdai at the very highest level for offering additional services around personal protection and security for the entire expedition and all supporting parties.

Before any expedition is undertaken, we need to know a little bit about you, your goals, experience and current skillset. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can begin to collectively discuss opportunities and plans to help you achieve your new possible.

Safety &

Your welfare is our primary objective throughout any expedition. The environments where we operate demand it, a skillset from where he’s served protects it.

Training &

Nims’ core support team are World Record holders in their own right. Critically, his style to respectfully lead the leaders ensures that all team members are able to bring their skills and knowledge to the expedition.

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