About Nimsdai

The Six Elements.

Bringing together
the attributes that
make the man.

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The six

Not one, but many elements have been brought together to form this enterprise, Nimsdai. From his Special Forces training and experiences in protection, to the demonstration of leadership and care for his communities; the common thread through it all, has always been his acutely positive mindset.

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Doug Scott
Visionary mountaineer

He is a phenomenon, a natural acclimatiser, a marathon man at altitude.

Nimsdai Purja MBE

Former UK Special Forces Operator and subject matter expert for extreme cold-weather warfare with the skills and mindset to allow focus and decision making under pressure in the most challenging of environments.

Elite mountaineer

Exploiting a natural physiological advantage in the mountains to achieve multiple World Records, including the fastest climb of all 14 peaks above 8,000m in just 6 months and 6 days.


Bringing his unique skillset and many practical experiences together with the strength of a growth mindset, to guide others to success through a shared knowledge and passion.


Developing a charitable foundation with an unwavering support network of projects and initiatives for Nepalese Sherpas, porters, wider communities and his military brotherhood.


Living in the belief, and delivering the teachings to inspire others, that everything in life is possible armed only with a determined approach and positive mindset.


Safety above all else with meticulous planning and logistics and a ‘leave no man behind’ attitude that drives the actions to selflessly respond to the call of others in need.

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