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Nims firmly believes in supporting young talent regardless of race, culture or religion. A 14 year old climber, Jerimot from Peru, is testament to this having been introduced via a guiding friend. Jerimot showed a great natural talent for climbing but did not possess the means to develop the craft or fulfil his ambitions.  So when Nims was due to take a group with his guiding friend, Victor, to the summit of Aconcagua it seemed the perfect opportunity to support Jerimot, giving him the opportunity to climb and summit this mighty peak. Only made possible with financial backing through this very foundation. 

The UK military remains an important part of Nims’ life and due of the increased demands of the service, too often military personnel have to contend with wellbeing and mental health problems. From proven research, outdoor adventure can help those move forward with their lives with a sense of purpose, value and connection.  Opportunities to join one of Nims’ guiding expeditions and focus on achieving a combined goal reaps immeasurable rewards. As such, this Foundation plays a crucial part in providing lifesaving support to those who have suffered trauma for their Country.

Nims has the greatest of respect for the porters in mountaineering. They are responsible for carrying packs often heavier than their own bodies up and down mountains, day after day, year after year. The job can be dangerous, and this work is their only income. They are truly wonderful people, happy and content with a very different appreciation of life to the rest of the Western world, and often unaware of the wider opportunities available to them or their families. As such, Nims is currently funding the education of 2 sons of porters, in Kathmandu, right through to graduation. It is his wish to provide greater education opportunities for all those within the community.

Nimsdai Purja MBE
High altitude expedition leader

It’s a truly worthwhile endeavour championing the opportunities and support that can be achieved through the experience of adventure.

The 2020 Covid-19 health pandemic has had a huge impact on global tourism and those livelihoods that depend upon it. The repercussions of which have, of course, also had a devastating effect upon the Sherpa communities, who rely solely on the trekking and climbing windows for their income. To support them during this time, Nims and his team at Elite Himalayan Adventures have contributed USD 5,000 and provided many food parcels to the community. He firmly believes that by working together and looking out for each other, adversity can be overcome. Once the season returns, Nims has also pledged to take expeditions back to the mountains, climbing himself for free, enabling those families to reap all the financial rewards.

The world’s highest peak normally sees the highest number of climbers during the spring season. Very few have climbed Everest during the autumn in recent years but Nims wants to change that, and not for personal reasons. This would provide a second earning potential for the Sherpa and Porter communities giving them greater financial security. For more information about the wider initiatives and ways you can help visit the Nimsdai foundation site.


Established as a means of giving back to the mountain communities of his homeland, the Nimsdai Foundation supports educational, technological, and capacity-building initiatives, helping guide the way for the climbers of the future.

Big Mountain

The ever-increasing accumulation of expedition waste is polluting the pristine environment of the Himalayas. This is unacceptable. The Big Mountain Clean-up aims to tackle the problem head-on.