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Nepal 8,848m

Mount Everest, or as dearly known to us and the people of Nepal as Sagarmatha, undoubtedly to many, standing on her summit still holds one of the greatest lures in climbing.

With Nims as your Expedition leader, knowledge, experience and safety record on this mighty mountain doesn’t get much better. His resumé on Everest is not limited to his numerous successful summits, he has also been responsible for leading fixing teams, solo rescues missions and proudly holds numerous World Records associated with Everest and its surrounding peaks. In addition, he was awarded an MBE for outstanding achievement in extreme high-altitude mountaineering by Her Majesty the Queen with specific reference to a rescue he carried out in 2016 just below the summit of Everest of a stricken female climber, along with his actions in 2017 to save the Gurkha Everest expedition which ultimately led to a successful outcome.

Nims is now a well-respected figure in the Everest community. Through his high-profile projects including Project Possible he’s worked tirelessly to build recognition for the Sherpa and their continued position at the frontier of mountaineering. This has naturally helped build a loyal network of world class expedition support throughout the region, many of which are elite climbers and expedition leaders in their own right, having led successful guided ascents to some of the world’s most challenging peaks, including Everest, Annapurna and K2. Rest assured, you’ll be in the best possible company when reaching the top.


29 day Everest schedule

Unique to Nimsdai we offer fast-track schedules #NIMSSTYLE on some of the world’s highest peaks (including an Everest 29day). We’ve redefined the possibilities of guided high-altitude mountaineering.
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Training & preparation

Undoubtedly an attempt of Mount Everest is a significant endeavour for anyone, but with our expert guidance this most respected achievement may be closer than you think. It is of course a journey that requires a great level of commitment and determination to be successful. With our tailored approach, we will work with you along the way to develop an appropriate training programme on and off the mountains including other preliminary climbs to give you the best possible chance of reaching your goal.
Learn more about our approach to training, or view our road map to Everest.

Life in basecamp

Basecamp lies at the heart of the expedition, a place to brief and bond as a team and benefit from a positive energy Nims always brings with him. We operate with a premium experience, designed for your needs, providing you an environment to prepare, relax and recover in comfort. Our cooks provide a wide array of delicious menu plans with nutrition aligned with sustaining your strength through the demands of an ascent (of course any specific dietary requirement can also be catered for). Well-equipped office facilities and the latest remote Wi-Fi infrastructures allow you to keep on top of commercial ventures while staying connected with family, friends.

Beyond basecamp we uphold the high levels of comfort, always selecting 5-Star accommodation when in Kathmandu. We secure well respected transfers services to and from the mountains though our loyal support network in the region. Upon request we can even accommodate wider family engagement around your trip.

Nimsdai’s road map to Everest

The majority of clients will already be proficient in the basic skills to efficiently and safely move across, moderate rock, glacier and snow terrain with prior ascents of multiple 6000 and 7000 meter peaks.

However, through Nimsdai’s bespoke training plan this endeavour is open to all. We have the ability and experience to take clients with no previous climbing experience to the top of the world in as little as two years, this period will include at least fourteen weeks in and on the mountains. Beginning with a strategy completely tailored to a client’s goals and abilities. We then mentor and train them through each aspect of our four-point training plan gaining all the necessary technical skills required for such a challenge. All of this which begins on planned lower mountain expeditions throughout the first half of your journey.

In addition, and key to Nims’ approach is a programme designed for teach clients to be completely in-tune with their body, and how it performs under the stresses of increasing altitudes. With his stepped approach to this learning it allows time for an individual to gradually build confidence and understanding to a point of invaluable self-awareness. This ability is of the uppermost importance to guide an individual’s judgements and decisions on the higher mountains.

It’s one of the reasons our ‘Road Map to Everest’ leads towards at least one other 8000m peak before our clients even set foot on the Khumbu Icefall. This delivers the understanding of exactly how each team member performs in these unforgiving environments. Primarily it informs critical safety decisions, and secondly secures the best possible chance of success without wasting anybody’s time or money.

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Nims (leader on all expeditions) is a multi-world record breaking mountaineer, the fastest to summit all 14 8000m peaks. He has led 20 x 8000m expeditions with a 100% success rate, in both reaching the summit and more importantly bringing everyone home safely. Combining this with his UK Special Forces and Ghurkha heritage, he is the perfect bridge between Western and Nepalese cultures, providing an invaluable local Himalayan infrastructure and a totally unique skillset fine-tuned for success in the mountains. This is reinforced with a world class team of Sherpas hand-picked by himself through a process similar to the rigorous demands of special forces selection, all operating together with shared principles and code of conduct.

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Safety through

If it’s controllable we control it, this is key to attain and maintain our industry leading strategy for success and safety. We maximise our options, agility and responsiveness by running totally self-sufficient expeditions, not relying on any other teams on the mountain to achieve our objectives. We are capable of setting up our own fixed lines (with a proven track record on all 8000m peaks) and have backups to cover all scenarios, from secondary oxygen supplies through to the ability and experience to operate our own rescue missions if the situation arises.

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& premium

From initial enquiry our approach whether on the mountain or during the planning phase is completely tailored to a client’s goals, abilities and safety. This ensures the journey to your goal is adapted to you and not for those that have been before. This also extends beyond the climb, we always operate our expeditions with premium facilities, equipment and infrastructures, but in addition, we can accommodate the demands of any global lifestyle from highly connected office facilities and added levels of comfort and luxury.

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