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Safety will always be our priority. The environments within which we operate demand it. Your welfare and ability form the foundations of our planning and decision making throughout any expedition.

Safety through elite guidance

Alongside Nims, we guarantee at least one supporting IFMGA Sherpa guide on all our expeditions. The wider team of Sherpa guides are expert climbers and expedition leaders in their own right, many have led successful guided ascents to some of the world’s most demanding peaks, including Everest, Annapurna and K2. They are all hand-picked by Nims through a process similar to the rigorous demands of special forces selection, all operating together with shared principles and code of conduct. This ultimately ensures you get a team that delivers the safest, most informed and professional climbing experience possible.

Connected every step of the way Nims and team ascending on Nanga Parbat 2023

Controlling the controllable

Your safety on the mountain begins well before you reach basecamp. In the planning phase of any expedition we build an infrastructure that allows us to be completely self-sufficient. So, if it’s controllable we can control it, this is key to attain and maintain our industry leading strategy for success and safety. We are capable of setting up our own fixed lines (with a proven track record on all 8000m peaks) and backups to cover all scenarios, from secondary oxygen supplies through to the ability and experience to operate our own rescue missions if the situation arises. This self-sufficient approach maximises our options, agility and responsiveness, while eliminating the uncertainty that comes when relying on other teams on the mountain to achieve objectives or safety.

Nimsdai Purja MBE
High altitude expedition leader

The most important thing is safety - for every person on the mountain, not just your own.

For every person on the mountain

We have a track record of looking out for everyone on the mountain. On numerous occasions Nims and the team have been called upon to carry out rescue missions high in the death zone for climbers not in their own party. Each time selflessly throwing personal objectives to one side to answer the cry from others. It is for this very reason Nims has chosen to climb with oxygen from the higher camps, ensuring he is always at his strongest if required to assist others.

Proven track-record

This focus on ‘safety first’ through meticulous planning and logistics, was clearly demonstrated during Project Possible. Not only did our team climb all 14 x 8000m peaks in record time but achieved this ground breaking mission in both repeatably challenging conditions and timeframes. Most importantly, all team members made it home safe and sound without a single injury.

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