Update 01

December 21, 2020

All set. Thank you for all the positivity and encouragement so far, guys. Myself and my team have been meticulously planning our K2 Winter mission with a lot of careful consideration and decision making. We are humbled by the challenge we face but excitement is brewing. This is a place we feel alive.

Right now, myself and my team are in Skardu, making last minute preparations and completing all necessary admin. We will be heading to K2 basecamp before the end of the month. My experienced team of x6 is made up of my climbing partners and my camera crew, the latter to document our experience - the highs and the lows. I will be introducing each member of my team in due course, as we reach basecamp. 

We also have other climbers joining us at basecamp too, but they will be there to train at the lower camps throughout the season. Building experience and knowledge.

We know there will be other teams on the mountainside, many of which are our brothers. If there is room for collaboration then we will work together. I will be leading the fixing team - we don’t have egos, we just have a shared vision and goal.

Thank you for following our journey. Stand by, stand by!! 

– Nimsdai, 2020

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