Update 03

December 31, 2020

27th Dec - We reached at Camp 1 with a super heavy load carry including 4 days worth of food, tents and rope fixing equipment. Each team members backpack weighed more than 35kg. It’s been a rapid ascent for us. We want to make the best out of the weather. No messing about. Our plan is to reach Camp 2 tomorrow.

28th Dec - Arrived at Camp 2 a couple of hours earlier. We will sleep here tonight. I shall access the teams conditions tomorrow morning and plan further accordingly, as we been full on with no acclimatisation. We are very slow than our normal pace but it's expected due to extreme cold temperatures and heavy load. been a hard but good day.

31st Dec - Finally all team members are at base camp complete. 

On 29th dec, I decided to hold my team at Camp 2 for an extra day of acclimatisation. After a careful assessment of the situation, it was decided that only a part of the team to carry on fixing above Camp 2 and the rest to descend down. The plan to make all my team members sleep at Camp 3 was unsuccessful. However, the mission to complete setting fixing lines to Camp 3 teaming with Mingma G was successfully completed yesterday. It’s great to see our Nepalese team uniting and working together for a common goal  #K2winter.

I must admit my team were slightly late to be in the better position to attack K2 summit push on upcoming weather but hey eyy who sees the future . 

The pic was taken yesterday when me and the high altitude machine Mingma Tenzi went up to help our fellow brothers. We pushed hard and finally managed to help them complete setting the lines up to Camp 3. Me and Mingma descended to Camp 2 quite late yesterday evening. The full moon was out, it was beautiful but emotionally cold. I tried my best to capture some moments in the camera but it was almost impossible. This selfie might have cost me a small dent in my fingers or two. However all ok . We both stayed outside the tent talking about the climb and the priceless view we both had from there. We tried to enjoy the view and capture it in our memories as much as possible. It was an emotional day for sure. 

What’s next ?

Well we all have to wait out.

Sending much love and respect to my followers who's been supporting this epic journey.

– Nimsdai, 2020

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