Update 07 - Fixing line progresses

January 14, 2021

The last 48hrs + have been a gruelling one, as we had to repeat the heavy load carry in preparation to progress further. Each team member’s bergen weighed more than 35kg. Really pleased with the team’s progress so far and super proud. Today our camp site is at 7350m. We managed to fix the lines upto 7600m.

We have now teamed up with Migma G + team and a brother from SST - Sona Sherpa and will be working closely together as we press ahead.

Today's weather is okay with a bit of wind. It’s still freezing cold however we have a clear sky with visible stars over our head. Bad weather is predicted tomorrow.

Will update more as we make some assessments and planning. Stay tuned !

– Nimsdai, 2021

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