Update 06 - Summit plan delayed

January 11, 2021

10th Jan - Our team reached to Camp 2 today and it was a wreckage site. We found that both our tents and all equipments that we had left here for the summit plan are all destroyed and swept away by the wind. We have lost everything including all our kits; sleeping bags, mattresses, heated shoe insoles, summit gloves/mittens, summit base layers, paragliding equipment, cooking equipment etc. I am devastated to be breaking this news. Now, I have to reassess and replan everything.

All team members are back at the base camp now.

11th Jan - Waking up to all the positive messages from you all this morning. Thank you all !

Setbacks are inevitable in life specially when you are pushing your limits and it should only make you become stronger.

As you may know (or may not), I always have a back up plan for a back up plan. I am just a bit gutted about missing another summit window. However, the plan is still ON and summit plan will be pushed a bit late in the season.

Today I will be regrouping with my team. We will need to do another heavy load carry to the higher camps just like last time but maybe a bit heavier. It will have to a bigger push this time. The plan is to complete fixing lines upto Camp 4, weather permitting.

– Nimsdai, 2021

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