Go above and beyond what you thought was possible.

Nimsdai was founded by Nimal Purja MBE, to offer climbers the exclusive chance to team with one of the most ground-breaking mountaineers of a generation and provide commercial clients opportunities for breath-taking high-altitude special projects.

Nirmal 'Nims'
Purja MBE

After proving his abilities on the world stage that came to full maturity in Project Possible, he now passionately sets out to personally share his knowledge and champion a unique fast-track approach #NIMSSTYLE to summiting the world’s highest peaks.

Transitioning from life in the UK’s Special Forces to that of a mountaineer and now guide, his can-do philosophy has led to extraordinary things. Now, Nims can help you make the impossible possible.

A highly decorated

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Doug Scott
Visionary mountaineer

He is a phenomenon, a natural acclimatiser, a marathon man at altitude.

Nims climbing an ice wall with crampons and rope


Unique to Nimsdai expeditions we offer Fast-Track schedules #NIMSSTYLE on some of the world’s highest peaks (including an Everest 29 day). We’ve redefined the possibilities of guided high-altitude mountaineering.

A pure and wild mountain environment

Care for the future of the mountains

At Nimsdai expeditions we believe in not only respecting the wild mountain environment, but in actively protecting these sacred places for the benefit of future generations.


Achieve Your New Possible


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